We would like to extend a warm invitation to individuals, companies and charitable trusts to support us by coming to the launch of the London International Piano Symposium to be held at the Steinway Hall in London on Friday, October 12th at 6.30pm.

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This prestigious interdisciplinary symposium is the first of its kind and has three objectives:

  • to bring together performers and scientists to kindle a renaissance in twenty-first century piano performance through an examination of the skills that underpin piano performance;
  • to generate a more rigorous and effective approach to performing and teaching, a step that is long overdue;
  • to use the research findings to develop outreach programmes in less-advantaged areas of London, for the benefit of young people who would otherwise never have the opportunity to enjoy the enriching experience of learning an instrument as powerful as the piano with its enormous potential for self expression and creativeness.

The success of this unique event can only be accomplished through the generosity and support of individuals, companies and charitable trusts.

Cristine MacKie

Chief Executive Director




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