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How to obtain a copy of New Thoughts on Piano Performance (2017)

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New Thoughts on Piano Performance: Research at the Interface between Science and the Art of Piano Performance (2017) is a London International Piano Symposium publication. It is available to buy by transferring £34.99 plus postage to: Barclays Bank, Putney High St, London SW15 London International Piano Symposium Account No: 23121534 Sort Code: 20-90-74 Reference: New Thoughts  and your  Surname Send your address to: Postage: please add the cost of postage to: UK: £2.99.00 Europe: £7.20 USA £10.00   IMPORTANT please notify by email that you have transferred the money....

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New plans for next Symposium

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Due to unforeseen difficulties and delays with the preparation of the London International Piano Symposium publication of two books: New Thoughts: Research at the Interface between Science and the Art of Piano Performance… and Rethinking Piano Performance: The Mindful Body, the next Symposium is now planned for 2018.

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LIPS is now recognised as a charity with an educational platform

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October 2016, The London International Piano Symposium announces its forthcoming publication of Rethinking Piano Performance: A mind/body approach

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Excerpt from the Introduction to ‘Rethinking Piano Performance: A Mind/Body Approach’.    Introduction ‘It seems that so long as we are alive, we shall continue closest to knowledge if we avoid as much as we can all contact and association with the body, except when they are absolutely necessary…’ Socrates c. 469-399 B.C.   Pianists routinely encounter a great variety of bodily and intellectual demands in preparing piano works for performance, but until recently, the emphasis has been largely on the intellectual aspect of performance, or ‘radical mentalism’. However, since piano performance requires an indissoluble union of mind and body, this book will present the argument that the body may also have a role to play in ‘shaping’ and memorizing musical works for performance. While this is a view which is now beginning to be supported in musical academic circles who wish to promote a more interdisciplinary approach to performance, it is as yet an unexplored area of piano...

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September 2016, LIPS announces the forthcoming publication of New Thoughts on Piano Performance: Research at the interface between science and the art of performance

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  INTRODUCTION New Thoughts on Piano Performance is a London International Piano Symposium publication, which presents interdisciplinary research, the overarching goal of which is to expand the frontiers of knowledge in the field of piano performance, by exploring the interface between skilled artistry and scientific research. It is a work of central importance to those musicians who are seeking to achieve elite performance, as well as researchers, pedagogues, clinicians, and all those who are passionate about the piano and its future development. In this collection of fifteen essays by distinguished international researchers and performers, issues which have rarely been addressed, and which should be a vital part of the education of pedagogues and performers are presented here. Among these issues are: that the value of musical training, is a powerful source of intellectual stimulation and cognitive development in children; that the role of the body is foremost in the production of sound at the piano, yet remains the most neglected issue in the education of performers; that obsessive practice is not the way forward; that the memory may be enhanced by developing a mental map in the course of preparing a work for public performance; showing that recordings can exert particular influence as salient historical documents of performance practice; that understanding the correlation between a particular musical work and the visual art that inspired it, may bring greater understanding of the meaning of, and deeper insight into the work for the pianist who is preparing to perform the piece; defining issues such as sound, touch and timbre, which are a phenomenon with both a subjective as well as physical dimensions; that musical performance is shaped more by the mind and body behind the instrument than by the score in front of the person; and last, but not least, ways in which technology can be used to increase our understanding of the body as the instrument, and the conveyor of expression. COMPILED AND EDITED BY CRISTINE MACKIE DIRECTOR LONDON INTERNATIONAL PIANO...

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