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The Russian pianist,Sofya Gulyak is our affiliated artist for 2012/13. She became the first woman to win the Leeds International Piano Competion in 2010.

Our policy regarding adminstrative help!

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It is our policy, in part, to give some of the  administrative work to persons who are challenged by complications with their eye sight.  We would appreciate patience in this area.

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For students wishing to attend the symposium

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For post graduate students wishing to attend a full day the fee is £75.00 per day and includes tea/coffee breaks and lunch. Half a day is £35.00. There is no fee for undergraduate students wishing to attend.

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A Unique Forum for Piano Teachers, Sunday 28th October

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  On Sunday 28th October 9.0 am, we are offering a forum for piano teachers entitled: ‘Who do You Think You Are’? The purpose of this forum – which is the first of its kind in the UK – is to address a hitherto increasingly urgent, yet unexplored problem concerning the health and emotional wellbeing of the piano teacher. While achieving success and high marks for the student is a given, work of this nature can be extremely stressful and largely undertaken in isolation. It will begin with a viewing of the film Madame Sousatzka (1988), which is based on the life and work of the formidable, but little-known teacher Maria Levinskaya. The aim is twofold: firstly, to open up issues which are rarely addressed, and yet are familiar to most piano teachers, such as: the private emotions and health issues, which may arise during teaching, and which must necessarily be contained; and the difficulties which can often arise, due to the mind/body dualism, which still pervades performance and its teaching thereof; secondly, we aim to encourage discussions on these and other issues peculiar to the piano teacher, sensitively supported by a  distinguished interdisciplinary panel comprising: Prof John Sloboda, Psychologist; Murray McLachlan, Concert Pianist, Educator and  Chair of European Piano Teachers Association; Cristine MacKie, Musicologist and Author; Dr Sam Thompson, Clinical Psychologist, The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. The findings will be collated and evaluated by the Psychology Dept, Royal Holloway, University of London, and provide direction for piano teachers as well as future research....

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Fees for EPTA, ISM and Piano Teachers attending the forum ‘Who do you think you are? on the 28th October

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The special fee for members of EPTA, the ISM,  piano teachers  wishing to attend the forum ‘Who do you think you are? on Sunday 28th October  is £75.00. Undergraduate students will be admitted without charge This includes the forum, papers, & lecture recitals, the concert in the afternoon and coffee/teas and lunch. It begins at 10am and ends at 6.0pm Please ensure that you put a reference on the payment either as EPTA, ISM or Private, as well as you full name, and bring your ID on the day. The fee is payable in advance to: Bank Transfer Barclays Bank London International Piano Symposium Sort code: 20 90 74 Account number: 23121534 SWIFT: BARCGB22 IBAN: GB71 BARC 2090 7423 1215 34   4 Cumberland Gardens London, WC1 X9AF, UK  ...

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Deadline for submission of abstracts extended to the 30th May

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Rethinking Piano Performance: The Mindful Body is now published

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We are excited to announce the publication of Rethinking Piano Performance: The Mindful Body.  Details of how to puchase the book are shown below. Introduction ‘It seems that so long as we are alive, we shall continue closest to knowledge if we avoid as much as we can all contact and association with the body, except when they are absolutely necessary…’ Socrates c. 469-399 B.C. Pianists routinely encounter a great variety of bodily and intellectual demands in preparing piano works for performance, but until recently, the emphasis has been largely on the intellectual aspect of performance, or ‘radical mentalism’. However, since piano performance requires an indissoluble union of mind and body, this book will present the argument that the body may also have a role to play in ‘shaping’ and memorizing musical works for performance. While this is a view which is now beginning to be supported in musical academic circles who wish to promote a more interdisciplinary approach to performance, it is as yet an unexplored area of piano performance. Rethinking Piano Performance: The Mindful Body (25.00 + postage) is a London International Piano Symposium publication. It is available to buy by transferring using bank details below, or by Pay Pal, see below. London International Piano Symposium Barclays Bank, 60 Putney High St, London SW15 1SF, UK Sort Code:  20 90 74 Account Number:23121534 Swiftbic:  BARCGB22 Iban: GB71 BARC 2090 7423 121534 Cristine MacKie 4 Cumberland Gardens London WC1X9AF, UK Reference: Rethinking  and your  Surname Send your address to: info@londoninternationalpianosymposium.co.uk Postage: please add the cost of postage to: UK: £3.99; Europe: £9.20; USA: £12.00 IMPORTANT please notify by email that you have transferred the money. You can now buy the book using Paypal The cost is £25.00 plus delivery. Delivery is UK: £3.99; Europe: £9.20; USA: £12.00 Choose one of the options below depending on your location then click the Buy Now button Please select… inc UK delivery £28.99 GBPinc Europe delivery £34.20 GBPinc USA delivery £37.00...

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