LIPS announces its intention to publish ‘New Thoughts on Piano Performance’.

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LIPS is inviting authors who submitted the most original papers at the symposium in 2013, and the next symposium in 2015, to contribute a chapter to New Thoughts on Piano Performance.  This book will be a scholarly monograph, that is to say it will attempt to expand the frontiers of knowledge in the field of piano performance by exploring the interface between skilled artistry and scientific research.

We propose to collaborate with Kindle Amazon, because: first, they have the largest worldwide marketing strategies, and publish both electronically and in conventional book form; and second because LIPS keeps control of the content and the editing; third, because the authors retain their copyright; fourth, because LIPS is free to accept publication of the same book by other publishers.

New Thoughts on Piano Performance is aimed at two audiences; first, to performers and pedagogues at the conservatoires and music departments of universities, the private piano teaching fraternity, inquiring piano students and passionate amateurs; second to clinicians and health practitioners, although a wider audience would be able to gain much from it.

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