The Symposium 2018

The London International Piano Symposium: Researching at the Interface between Science and the Art of Piano Performance

Royal Academy of Music, October 27-29th 2018


We now welcome abstracts for papers and lecture recitals, which address all issues concerning piano performance.

The abstract for a paper of 20 minutes, or a lecture recital of thirty minutes, should be no more than 250-300 words, and will be reviewed anonmously by the scientific commitee.  A form with which to submit the abstract is available below.


20th May: Submission deadline

30th June: Notification of submission decision


Keynote Speakers:

Elaine Chew, Professor of Digital Media, Queen Mary, University of London.

Jonathan Summers, Curator of Classical Music Recordings

(Sound & Vision Collections Division, British Library).


 A Special Forum for Piano Teachers Sunday 28th October.

The forum wil be headed by the distinguished psychologist Professor John Sloboda; concert pianist and educator, Murray Mclachlan; Cristine MacKie, Director of the London International Piano Symposium;   The member of the osteopathy council, and muscular skeletal expert  will  be announced shortly.


The work of piano teachers is, in general, undertaken in isolation. Thus, as part of the programme of the London International Piano Symposium 2018, we are planning a forum which seeks to address the role of the piano teacher.  It will be entitled ‘Who do You Think You Are’?

It will begin with a viewing of the film Madame Sousatzka (1988), which is based on the life and work of the formidable, but little-known teacher Maria Levinskaya. The aim is twofold; first, to open up issues which are rarely addressed, and yet are familiar to most teachers: such as the mind/body dualism, which still pervades performance and its teaching thereof; second to encourage discussions which lead on from this.


Scientific Commitee:

Christina Girling

Georgia Volioti

Werner Goebl

Cristine MacKie


Programme to be announced shortly





The London International Piano Symposium (LIPS) is committed to enabling world-leading research at the interface between science, medicine and the art of piano performance. This is a dynamic initiative in which we offer an internationally distinctive and varied programme intended to enrich the approach by performers, academics and pedagogues to performance itself.