Exciting News on the Roundtable Feb 2105

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Exciting News.  The following experts are gathering together  on the 13th Feb 2015, to discuss how pianists may become ‘fit for purpose’  by developing  a more unified approach to piano performance.

In the chair, Cristine MacKie, author of the forthcoming book Rethinking Piano Performance: A mind/body approach.

Prof Dave Collins, a sports psychologist who explores the psychological characteristics which facilitate pathways to elite performance.

Emily Jeffrey, prof of piano at the Purcell Sch of  Music & Royal College of Music.  Emily has produced 3 pianists who have each won  the BBC Young Musician of the Year.

Iqbal Hussein, a member of the Osteopathy Council with experience in treating pianist’s physical problems.

Dr Kathleen Riley, Center for Integrative Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic.  Kathleen’s research incorporates biofeedback (auditory, video recording, movement analysis, and recording of muscle tension) in enhancing the transfer of learning necessary to achieve high-level performance mastery.

Prof Emma Redding,  Head of Dance Science  at Trinity Laban.  Emma is Principal Investigator of the research project, Music & Dance Science: Optimising Performing Potentia.


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